Why Thailand

The Land of 1000 Smiles

Many months of research was done in terms of choosing a new host country, one of the most important aspects of this was timing. In our minds the December dates were a preference as it was the only time one could be guaranteed that both Northern and Southern Hemisphere schools would be available.

With a date in mind a venue was needed, the Northern Hemisphere was out of the question due to weather and although the Southern Hemisphere had excellent weather affordability and travel time were major issues we felt. We then settled on Thailand and the World Class Pattana Sports Resort as a partner facility

Why Thailand



Ideally placed as mid-point between Northern & Southern Hemispheres. Allows “Meeting Point” for teams to travel and play quality fixtures. But also variety of playing from different countries



Visas are no issue, all schools will  have no travel issues and additional expenses due to visas



We anticipate far  more spectators who will combine the tournament with a  family holiday



Thailand fits within an ideal time zone and allows those fans and supporters unable to travel the great option to follow the action with our broadcast and streaming partners.

UK (-6 hours) 

SA (-5 hours)

AUS (+5 hours) 

NZ (+6 hours)



December Date

Weather: Thailand has it’s best weather  during this period.

Season: Perfect for end of Term in Northern Hemisphere and end of School year in Southern Hemisphere.



Thailand is built  for tourism and a variety of off field activities are available to  spectators and athletes alike.